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Magda Bell - Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant - I help Intuitive Entrepreneurs to move from overwhelmed to focused and to grow their businesses further.


For Intuitive Entrepreneurs, Change Makers and Content Creators who want to get things done

My name is Magda and I'm here to help you get a clear direction and sense of purpose. My mantra: Done is better than perfect.

Is this you:

Feeling overwhelmed with ideas and don't know what to focus on in your business?

It's called Shiny Object Syndrome (SOS)


You have your business in place but you've reached the point where you're chasing too many rabbits and not getting enough results.

You learn new skills, attend seminars and workshops, you read tons of books and watch tutorial videos on how to run your business.

You have the knowledge but you're not putting it into action enough.

It's called Productive Procrastination (PP)

You feel like you're doing something productive but actually, you don't do anything to grow your business, FOR REAL.

And I get it

Running a business can be a lonely and sometimes scary place and you may often feel stuck and uninspired.

You check Instagram and Facebook and compare yourself to others, ending up feeling overwhelmed with all the things you should be doing, in order to be noticed in the world of social media. 

Eventually, you start to think that everyone else does it better and your own success feels out of reach.

I get it too.

It's called Imposter Syndrome (IS)

You doubt your accomplishments, you think you don't belong in this online business world and you fear being exposed as a fraud

And so you stay small. You do things that were working just FINE. 

You don't create a plan for your business hoping that things will simply fall into place.

You ignore your calling and as a result, you don't know anymore what really lights you up.

But let's get real

You WANT your business to grow! 

You WANT to be successful! 

Isn't this why you've started your business in the first place?

You DON'T WANT to feel stuck and play small when you have all the experience and knowledge. 

You KNOW you can help others and that your services will serve them greatly. 

You WANT to make an impact and change people's lives... 

and that's awesome!

that's why I want to make it easier for you

and help you overcome the SOS, PP and IS!

Magda Bell - Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant - I help Intuitive Entrepreneurs to move from overwhelmed to focused and to grow their businesses further.
Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant - I help Intuitive Entrepreneurs to move from overwhelmed to focused and to grow their businesses further.

Does this sound like you?

  • You feel confused and overwhelmed about where your business is going
  • You are not clear on who is your ideal client or your niche is too broad
  • You are procrastinating because you feel you still need to learn more
  • You are chasing rabbits or are easily distracted and so never get things done
  • You experience imposter syndrome - a fear of being exposed inadequate and so you stay invisible to the world 
Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant - I help Intuitive Entrepreneurs to move from overwhelmed to focused and to grow their businesses further.

Additionally, you may also feel:

  • You don't have enough time to run your business effectively
  • You do things you know are important but not necessarily enjoyable for you (maintaining your website, designing graphics, organising your content)
  • Your social media presence is confusing, overwhelming and all over the place
  • You lose your motivation easily by not having clear goals and someone who you can be accountable to 
  • It gets a little lonely running your business 

Ugh... Being your own boss can be the best job in the world when things are going well, and the worst when they are not... 

That's why I've created this 3-MONTH, bespoke and exclusive Business Clarity Programme. 

To help you move from overwhelmed to focused so you grow your businesses further!

What's the plan:

Things we're going to achieve together

  • We will identify shortcomings, distractions and bottlenecks that are holding you and your business back
  • We will write a business plan, breakthrough goals and a plan of action for 2020
  • We will identify your niche and ideal client so that you are clear with your mission and message
  • We will create a 2020 vision board for you and your business
  • We will audit your social media presence and create a digital marketing strategy
  • We will make sure you focus on what gives you the most satisfaction and greatest income/results 



  • I will help you to understand Social Media and come up with a strategy that works for your business
  • We will define what you want to be known for and come up with your unique message
  • We will make sure your website is designed to sell
  • I will help you to create Graphic Designs for your brand


Our sessions will keep you accountable and on track with your goals.
  • Emotional and Mental Support all the way through, especially when you feel the imposter syndrome is kicking in
  • Brainstorming your projects and ideas


With my flexible approach I will be supporting you in every aspect of your business.
  • As a result, you'll know exactly what to focus on, who your customers are and how to communicate with them effectively... so you'll create more income!
  • Home Office Buddying (for those who live locally) - we can meet and work during the day together at your home. I've tested this with my other clients and OMG the productivity skyrockets just by having someone working next to


3-month support

  • 6 coaching sessions to help you get clear on your vision and purpose
  • 2020 Goals setting and implementation
  • Creation of Vision Board for 2020
  • Digital marketing strategy for 2020
  • Personal Brand Set up + Implementation (website design if needed is charged separately)
  • Help with Website Maintenance + SEO Optimisation
  • Help with Graphic Designs
  • Phone & Email Support

Customer feedback:

Having spent the first few years doing everything on my own as I set up my business, I found that working with Magda has allowed me to free up so much time, that I am now able to focus on progressing my business rather than just managing it. She quickly understood the essence of my work and now helps me to focus on activities that will further my business effectively; supporting me with creating graphics, website maintenance and updates, and social media management. She is creative, organised and focused, working on ideas and projects from start to finish.

May Simpkin

Nutritionist & Blogger

Magda has the rare quality of being able to balance business strategy, operations and people management. She knows when to listen and when to push forward an idea, but perhaps her biggest skill is the ability to simplify complex issues and present a solution or strategy where you will reflect “why didn’t I think of that.” On an individual level I found Magda to be very personable, professional and rather insightful. 

Rosscoe Brown


The main thing I am finding is that I am now free to do the things I really wanted to do that will progress both my businesses.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

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Magda Bell - Freelance Marketing Consultant, Business Coach and Blogger

Magda Bell

Freelance Marketing Consultant, Business Coach, Blogger

I am an experienced Personal Assistant, Marketing Manager and Operations Manager. I like to understand things and enjoy introducing people to simple solutions.

I started my own business because I am a freedom seeker! My dream is to be financially independent and one day I want to buy land to run a farm for rescued animals and live a self-sufficient lifestyle.

As a blogger, I found a passion for sharing my stories to help others to feel heard and understood. With my writing, I want to inspire people to transform their lives and have a fulfilling and loving relationship with themselves.

Feel free to call me, send me a text or a WhatsApp message!

I look forward to hearing from you!